Fork Parker is the CFO for Life of Devolver Digital. He was born into unbelievable wealth and his magnificent fortune has only increased over his many unscrupulous decades. The only thing hotter than his stocks is his takes, available for free on Twitter, with his hottest takes for fans only.


Jayhem McMayhem Specht, or JM as the county Judge knows him, is the ever-dependable voice of reason in times of crisis. "I'll do it later," comes the call, as sweet as birdsong. "I didn't do it," the wily road dog chuckles, as the company crumbles around him.


Jared Stults can eat his body weight in lukewarm fried chicken and once scared a ghost out of its own house. He knows the ins and outs of rating games and can wrangle the backend of production as he mixes up a perfect Sazarac.


Robbie Paterson sold his soul to the devil at the age of 12. “I want to work in marketing,” the young lad told the old goat, “I want to sell video games to people around the world and bring them joy and make lots of money while I do it. And also I want to be the most beautiful man in the world.” And so it was.

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