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Episode 115: The Forest Ranger's Guide to Community Management

Jared and JM are visited by Sippy, community manager and mountaineer extraordinaire, who tells of his travels and his late entry into the world of videogames.

Episode 114: A Week in the Life

After recording what was possibly the worst podcast episode ever, JM and Jared are rescued by Devolver Website Maker Eli, who wishes to share his experience working at Devolver one week at a time.

Episode 113: Accidentally Rogue Light

The intrepid Josh Sanderson of the asynchronous Phantom Abyss joins Jared and JM in a high-end podcast adventure to the depths of the Inferno and back again. He shares the WIBY team's experience working on their title in Early Access for the past year, and hints at wonderous treasures yet to be discovered.

Episode 112: Happiness and Hugs

With Jared on vacation, JM is joined by Devolver's Matt Nickerson and Nigel Lowrie to simulate how great it would be to get together and have a drink and talk about what we think we're missing from our lives in these strange days.

Episode 111: High Scores II

While recording a podcast, Jared and JM run down a list of some of their favorite videogame soundtracks of all time. A follow-up to the smash hit, Episode 23: High Scores.

Episode 110: How Do You Do Fellow Kids?

Devolver Digital's new Chairman of Short-form Social Content, Zach Gehling, volunteers sixty TikTok's worth of time to explain the ever shifting landscape of digital interaction and modern lingo to elder millennials Jared and JM.

Episode 109: Foot Loose and Kickin' Ass

While JM slips in and out of sleep and Jared suffers from a heat stroke, Robbie Fraser and Luc Wolthers of Free Lives take the time to expound on the sophisticated merits of their recently announced FPS entitled "Anger Foot."

Episode 108: Just Vibin'

With this week's guests delayed until next, Jared and JM engage in that age old practice of just chillin'.

Episode 107: What in the Wide World of Sports!?

Master athletes neither of them, Jared and JM prattle on about their favorite sports, sports adjacent, and not-quite-sports games.

Episode 106: How to Cheat at Making a Game

After swindling Fork Parker for everything he's worth, Nikolai and Daisy from Nerial join the ForkCast to gloat over their ingenious schemes to cheat the game Card Shark into existence.

Episode 105: The Birthday Episode

Before embarking on another journey together through Elden Ring, Jared and JM chat with longtime Devolver Producer Anna Sajecka about her experiences as a game tester and her current co-workers testing her patience.

Episode 104: The Doinkening

Rounding out an entire month of talking about Doinksoft, JM and Jared invite the two least handsome members of the team, Joseph and Cullen, to open up about the recently announced Gunbrella and dish the deets on the upcoming Demon Throttle.

Episode 103: Live Cacophony

Jared and JM hosted a Twitter Space following the Indie World Direct, with special guests from Strange Scaffold, Doinksoft, Aggrocrab, Finji, Nerial, Innersloth, and Massive Monster. This is a recording of that live event.

Episode 102: Feelin' Wicked Good

JM returns from his adventures in Covidland, and along with Jared, continues reminiscing about the wonderful experience that was PAXEast 2022.

Episode 101: PAXEast Post-Mortem

With JM incapacitated by Covid, Jared shares stories of Devolver's first US show since the pandemic began; the games, the people, and the show itself.

Episode 100: Dunahrai

Celebrating the 100th episode of the ForkCast, Jared and JM welcome Jordi and Marina from Deconstructeam to share how their team and their games came to exist, from the unforgiving "Gods Will Be Watching," to the intimate collection of "Essays on Empathy."

Episode 99: Too Many Jareds

JM and Jared are joined by Jared Tan, Community Manager of Devolver developer Nerial and certified Tik Tok expert. He's cracked the code, and he's sharing his guaranteed* formula to rack up a million views on the world's most popular social media platform! (*not a guarantee)

Episode 98: Eye of the Beholder

Sure, video games can be fun, but can they also be beautiful? The answer is yes, and Jared and JM have a few beautiful favorites that they'd like to share with you.

Episode 97: Not That Kind of Tentacle Monster

Tentacular splashes onto the VR scene today, and to celebrate, Jared and JM have invited Co-Creator Luca Scaramuzzino and Sound Designer Muuutsch onto the ForkCast! They'll be sharing their experiences in pioneering VR gameplay as well as talking a little about their own personal journeys in game development.

Episode 96: I Wanna Be Your Ban Hammer

One of the most important aspects of building community online is moderation of community resources. This week, Alex, AKA, Modkiq, gives JM and Jared some tips on how good Discord servers should be set up, and goes into excruciating detail about every way that JM had had them previously set up incorrectly.

Episode 95: Better With Friends

Jared and JM share many of their favorite multiplayer games and moments, including many oft-mentioned titles and a few new ones. Oh, and JM forgets the name of Balrog the Fierce.

Episode 94: Something That Means Something

Inspired by recent events, JM and Jared talk about some videogames that have important and challenging messages, games that try to teach us a little more about what it means to be human, even when it isn't fun. Trigger Warning: Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Suicide, Cancer, Mental Illness

Episode 93: The Nutkicker, Sweet!

Since McPixel 3 is blowing up the charts on Steam Next Fest, JM and Jared invite Sos Sosowski, father of McPixel and developer of the original Need For Speed, to hop onto the ForkCast and share his life-long journey as an indie dev.

Episode 92: Show Times

With PAXEast reasonably confirmed as happening, Jared and JM take some time to reflect on some of their happiest moments working, hanging out, or playing games at conventions over the years.

Episode 91: Golden Ticket

With Weird West fast approaching, Raf Colantonio, the founder of Wolfeye Games and master craftsman of immersive sims, sneaks onto the ForkCast to share the story of his unlikely journey into the videogame industry and the perilous freedoms that makes certain games great.

Episode 90: Teaser of the Lamb

Massive Monster Art Director James Pearmain joins Jared and JM to share the dark, unholy origins of Cult of the Lamb, the dark, unholy inspirations of his personal art style, and the dark, unholy places online where you can learn more about this wholesome, lovable game.

Episode 89: Non Disclosure Episode

In the most heavily edited episode of the ForkCast yet, Devolver producer Bridie Roman joins JM to spill the beans on how she almost ruined Square Enix, gives tips on how to sell your soul for success in the videogame industry, and [Redacts] an entire [Redacted] in a single [Redactation]! (our apologies for the clicking in this episode)

Episode 88: Scratch That Niche

Jared and JM begin their Forkcasting adventures with a good old fashioned list episode! From the broad to the narrow, the fellas share their favorite genres of games.

Episode 87: I Don't Recall Saying Good Luck

The Forkcast bids a fond farewell to Robbie as he steps out of the public eye to focus on returning to himself, JM drags Jared onto the show as the new co-host, and all three talk about notoriously excellent games that they're only just now getting around to playing.

Episode 86: Brief Unhiatus

Robbie and JM are back for the last episode of 2021. They talk about all of the wonderful games that Devolver has released this year. Happy Holidays!

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