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Episode 92: Show Times

With PAXEast reasonably confirmed as happening, Jared and JM take some time to reflect on some of their happiest moments working, hanging out, or playing games at conv...

Episode 91: Golden Ticket

With Weird West fast approaching, Raf Colantonio, the founder of Wolfeye Games and master craftsman of immersive sims, sneaks onto the ForkCast to share the story of h...

Episode 90: Teaser of the Lamb

Massive Monster Art Director James Pearmain joins Jared and JM to share the dark, unholy origins of Cult of the Lamb, the dark, unholy inspirations of his personal art...

Episode 89: Non Disclosure Episode

In the most heavily edited episode of the ForkCast yet, Devolver producer Bridie Roman joins JM to spill the beans on how she almost ruined Square Enix, gives tips on ...

Episode 88: Scratch That Niche

Jared and JM begin their Forkcasting adventures with a good old fashioned list episode! From the broad to the narrow, the fellas share their favorite genres of games.

Episode 87: I Don't Recall Saying Good Luck

The Forkcast bids a fond farewell to Robbie as he steps out of the public eye to focus on returning to himself, JM drags Jared onto the show as the new co-host, and al...

Episode 86: Brief Unhiatus

Robbie and JM are back for the last episode of 2021. They talk about all of the wonderful games that Devolver has released this year. Happy Holidays!

Episode 85: Not Legal Advice

The long-awaited lawyer episode is finally here! Devolver's General of Counsel, Brian Chadwick, joins Robbie and JM to explain how stocks work, reveal what tort is, an...

Episode 84: Short'n'Sleepy

Absolutely bushed from their grand adventures in Londontown, Robbie is at home asleep while JM meanders through a brief description of his visit to the UK. We'll be ba...

Episode 83: Two Boys, One Mic

Robbie and JM are in the same physical space, and while they hint at the largest piece of Devolver news ever discussed on the Forkcast, they mostly just talk about how...

Episode 82: Pony Podcast

Inscryption developer Daniel Mullins chats with JM about his career path and what sacrifices he had to make in order to summon his wonderful games.

Episode 81: Mindless Fun

Someone on Twitter finally asked Robbie and JM some questions! Also there's talk of recent Devolver news :D

Episode 80: Disconnected Chemistry

JM repeatedly cuts Robbie off, ignores his answers, then leaves abruptly. Robbie guides us through some of his musical endeavours.

Episode 79: The Reboot

Re-experience the classic ForkCast list episode format with brand new content from your trendy upgraded hosts JayheMania and Robo-Robbie!

Episode 78: Little Bits o' This and That

JM and Robbie hit the ground running in this meandering chat about recent Devolver news as well as several personal anecdotes, including Robbie's epic battle with the ...

Episode 77: OhMyGoshimaisu!

With Robbie drunk and gone, JM settles in to interview Kinsey Burke, famous YouTuber, public relationist, and most recently a producer at Chuhai Labs. She shares her l...

Episode 76: Defensive Driving Home Game

Robbie, Robbie, JM, JW, and Terri all gather 'round the garage to discuss the new card game Dustbiters.

Episode 75: Questions and Answers?

Robbie and JM talk about upcoming games and events, make up several new theme songs, and answer a few choice questions from the Twitterverse.

Episode 74: Havin' a Bit of a Ramble

Just chillin'. Talkin' nonsense. And videogames. Nonsense and video games.

Episode 73: Hello Perfect Friend

One of our favourite people stops in just to chat and talk about what he's been up to and what he's looking forward to in the near future.

Episode 72: Just Make All of It Good

"Death's Door" developer Acid Nerve flies into the Forkcast to take a swing at explaining the secrets of their incredible success and to learn about exciting advanceme...

Episode 71: Robbie Has a Friend

Robbie brings his friend and former accidental bootlegger/gonzo game journalist Matt Martin (aka @freshmattic) on the show and they talk about how video game media has...

Episode 70: My Friend Victor

DeadToast, the creator of "My Friend Pedro," flips onto the ForkCast to share his lifetime journey from Click and Play all the way to unexpected rockstardom, and to pl...

Episode 69: A Nice Time

JM and Robbie have a nice chat with Josh Cauller, a nice TrailerCraftsman who recently joined Devolver full-time. Nice.

Episode 68: Scattlin'

Hotline Miami OST contributor Scattle drops in to visit with Robbie and JM, share his experience of creating music alongside other incredible artists, and share what h...

Episode 67: Recounting Victories

Fresh from the fields of failure, Robbie and JM take the time to count up their triumphs and share a few of their favorite victories.

Episode 66: Try Try Again

Robbie is taking a break from watching the footie long enough to chat with JM about the wonderful miracle of failure, and how it helps us all to grow.

Episode 65: The Worst Episode of the Show So Far

The listing of every Devolver title to date continues, leading all the way up to the not-too-distant future!

Episode 64: The Worst Episode

It's just JM, and he's just... listing Devolver games? And saying one or two things about them? There might be a couple of good anecdotes in there.

Episode 63: Vox Opuli

In a fit of megalomania, JM decides that he'd like to spend an episode talking about voice-acting, and the fellas talk about some of the best and worst voice acting th...

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