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Episode 74: Havin' a Bit of a Ramble

Just chillin'. Talkin' nonsense. And videogames. Nonsense and video games.

Episode 73: Hello Perfect Friend

One of our favourite people stops in just to chat and talk about what he's been up to and what he's looking forward to in the near future.

Episode 72: Just Make All of It Good

"Death's Door" developer Acid Nerve flies into the Forkcast to take a swing at explaining the secrets of their incredible success and to learn about exciting advancements in office chair technology.

Episode 71: Robbie Has a Friend

Robbie brings his friend and former accidental bootlegger/gonzo game journalist Matt Martin (aka @freshmattic) on the show and they talk about how video game media has changed over the years.

Episode 70: My Friend Victor

DeadToast, the creator of "My Friend Pedro," flips onto the ForkCast to share his lifetime journey from Click and Play all the way to unexpected rockstardom, and to plug his new mobile game.

Episode 69: A Nice Time

JM and Robbie have a nice chat with Josh Cauller, a nice TrailerCraftsman who recently joined Devolver full-time. Nice.

Episode 68: Scattlin'

Hotline Miami OST contributor Scattle drops in to visit with Robbie and JM, share his experience of creating music alongside other incredible artists, and share what he's been working on lately.

Episode 67: Recounting Victories

Fresh from the fields of failure, Robbie and JM take the time to count up their triumphs and share a few of their favorite victories.

Episode 66: Try Try Again

Robbie is taking a break from watching the footie long enough to chat with JM about the wonderful miracle of failure, and how it helps us all to grow.

Episode 65: The Worst Episode of the Show So Far

The listing of every Devolver title to date continues, leading all the way up to the not-too-distant future!

Episode 64: The Worst Episode

It's just JM, and he's just... listing Devolver games? And saying one or two things about them? There might be a couple of good anecdotes in there.

Episode 63: Vox Opuli

In a fit of megalomania, JM decides that he'd like to spend an episode talking about voice-acting, and the fellas talk about some of the best and worst voice acting that they've experienced in games. Also, E3 just happened.

Episode 62: Reverse Engineering

Free Lifer and Terra Nil project lead Sam Alfred pops in, to dish the deets on how he got to where he is and what it's like "working" at Free Lives.

Episode 61: If it Floats it Boats

JM is back from building his boat, and so instead of talking about video games, Robbie and JM talk about the process of building a boat!

Episode 60: Big Time Gary Character

While JM builds a boat, Robbie enlists photographer, podcaster, and all-around games industry creative butterfly, Gareth Dutton, onto the Forkcast to talk about documenting game development and why Robbie will never win at fighting games.

Episode 59: A Backpack Full of Friends

Straight from the release party for Essays on Empathy, Devolver Producer Juan de la Torre shares his heartfelt philosophy for taking games from dreams to reality.

Episode 58: The Hype Train Dilemma

Excitement abounds as Robbie and JM explore their own personal histories with the experience known as hype, and question the value of such all-consuming emotional investment.

Episode 57: Makes the Dream Work

After more than a year of ForkCasting, JM and Robbie finally take the plunge into listing their favorite and most notable multiplayer and cooperative games.

Episode 56: The Circle of Life

As requested by someone on the Devolver Discord server, JM and Robbie attempt to convey what the "typical" life cycle of an indie game might be, from preconception to the afterlife.

Episode 55: Antisocial Behavior

Devolver employee Matt Nickerson muscles his way onto the ForkCast to tell his story, and, unfamiliar with the concept of being a guest, makes it his business to antagonize Robbie and JM.

Episode 54: Backwards Talk To How

Bereft of compelling content, JM and Robbie shjoot the shjit about what games they've been playing, hypothesize superior methods of human/digital interface, and consider the necessity of rebranding an archaic and offensive term that somehow still exists.

Episode 53: Add an "A"

Special guest Adoné Kitching, currently of Devolver's production team and previously of Free Lives, shares her experiences and journey from the world of cultural anthropology to the world of herding cats.

Episode 52: A Perfectly Cromulent Year

Celebrating one year of the ForkCast, Robbie and JM invite the real marketing genius Nigel Lowrie to share his secrets of excellence and, more importantly, faking excellence.

Episode 51: How To Not Be Like Me

In JM's absence, Robbie delivers a meandering soliloquy to nobody in particular about how to be less like Devolver and more like you.

Episode 50: Winnipegger Sesso

Websmith to the stars, Eli Penner joins the Forkcast to talk about creating dope-ass webpages for all of your favorite Devolver titles.

Episode 49: Thank You For Being a Friend

JM and Robbie give thanks for the moments in videogames and their experiences within the videogame industry that fill them with gratitude. Thanks for listening!

Episode 48: Beware the Deceiver

"Loop Hero" devs Blinch and Finlal share the story of Four Quarters' origins and the genesis of the soon to be legendary "Loop Hero" devs Blinch and Finlal share the story of Four Quarters' origins and the genesis of the soon to be legendary "Loop Hero" devs Blinch and Finlal share the story of Four Quarters' origins and the genesis of the soon to be legendary "Loop Hero"...

Episode (Agent 47): Oliver (Age 24)

The miracle man behind the memes, Oliver Hindle of Mediatonic shares the story of his nonchalant genius as commander of the Fall Guys Twitter account and drops a couple surprises on Robbie and JM!

Episode 46: Jolly ol' Hollywood

Robbie and JM talk about videogames based on movies. Robbie completely fails to mention Home Alone.

Episode 45: Nothing in Particular

Bereft of ideas for a "topic," Robbie and JM just chill and chat for a while, takin' it eeeeeasy.

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