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Episode 24: Number Two Fan

SeriouslyClara drops in on the Forkcast to discuss her role in influencer relations at Sandbox Strategies, and shares her moving love and deep-seated fear for something everyone does.

Episode 23: High Scores

While recording a podcast, JM and Robbie run down the list of some of their absolute favorite videogame soundtracks of all time, and quickly realize that there are far too many to choose from.

Episode 22: Implausible Undeniability

PR guru and notorious kidnapper Stephanie Tinsley joins the forkcast to discuss her rise to power, share the secrets of her success, and fire her favorite employee just for fun.

Episode 21: So it's come to this...

While recording a podcast, Robbie and JM reflect on other times that they recorded podcasts.

Episode 20: Bare Metal Meltdown

Devolver CTO John Bartkiw joins Robbie and JM to give a crash course in how servers work and, more importantly, how they don't.

Episode 19: Viva la Gato Revolucion

Doinksoft's Cullen D. joins the Forkcast to share his recent experiences marching with protesters in Portland, Oregon and documenting police interactions. This episode has very little to do with videogames.

Episode 18: Fall Guys Surprise!

While recording a podcast, JM and Robbie stumble upon Joe Walsh, the big brained architect behind Fall Guys! Joe shares advanced strats and 100% genuine cheat codes so definitely listen to this episode and then leave a 5 star review on iTunes.

Episode 17: Listen While I List 'em

While JM manages the explosion of Fall Guys on Twitch, Robbie attempts to record an entire episode alone utilizing nothing more than a selection of "interesting" lists and a mug of Yorkshire Tea.

Episode 16: Human Hype Generator

Notorious Pixel Pusher and award winning Wizard of Speed and Time, Kert Gartner, joins the Forkcast to share what makes a game trailer good and how to eat pizza most efficiently.

Episode 15: All Will Be Devoured

Carrion developer Krzysztof Chomicki joins JM and Robbie to confess the forbidden experiments and unholy rituals which led to the release of this hot new game.

Episode 14: Questions and Answers

While Robbie recuperates from his Devolver Direct celebratory hangover, JM reads through questions and answers posted to the Devolver Discord over the past year.

Episode 13: What We Do in the Shadow Warriors

Shadow Warrior 3 has been announced! Robbie and JM run through a list of easter-eggs that you might have missed from the first two Shadow Warrior games.

Episode 12: Journey to the Big Screen

Inspired by the next installment of the Devolver Cinematic Universe, Robbie and JM blather on about their favorite movie game adaptations.

Episode 11: Acid Trip Down Memory Lane

Acid Nerve developers David Fenn and Mark Foster join the Forkcast to reminisce over past triumphs, drunken gymnastics, and a time-travelling dev who failed to warn us all what 2020 was going to be like.

Episode 10: A Man Behind the Curtain

Special guest Vieko Franetovic, Devolver Director of Interactive, joins the podcast this week, to share the journey that led him to working for Devolver Digital.

Episode 9: No E3 No Beer Make Homer Something Something

While recording a podcast, Robbie and JM reminisce over E3s from years gone by, and JM reads aloud from his diary.

Episode 8: Background Voices

Videogame podcast about nothing. Lighthearted chatter. Links to more important matters in the description. #BlackLivesMatter

Episode 7: A Vida é Lodo

While recording a podcast, Robbie and JM are surrounded by Sludge Life developers Terri Vellmann and Doseone, artists extraordinaire.

Episode 6: Serious Dan

While recording a podcast, JM and Robbie summon the spirit of Croteam's Daniel Lucic to tell us a secret about Serious Sam 4!

Episode 5: Blinded by the Blight

While recording a podcast, Robbie and JM are interrupted by Robin from Ronimo, who can't wait to talk about Blightbound!

Episode 4: Marketing Malarketing

While recording a podcast, JM and Robbie discuss helpful tips and tricks for marketing games.

Episode 3: Franchise Grand Prizes

While recording a podcast, Robbie and JM reminisce over the video game franchises that have grown up alongside them since before people even called them franchises.

Episode 2: Pitches Get Stitches

While recording a podcast, JM and Robbie deliberate on what the basic essentials are for pitching one's game to publishers and platforms.

Episode 1: Trapped in the Covid

While recording a podcast, Robbie and JM speculate on what videogame characters would be the best self-quarantine companions.

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