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Episode 50: Winnipegger Sesso

Websmith to the stars, Eli Penner joins the Forkcast to talk about creating dope-ass webpages for all of your favorite Devolver titles.

Episode 49: Thank You For Being a Friend

JM and Robbie give thanks for the moments in videogames and their experiences within the videogame industry that fill them with gratitude. Thanks for listening!

Episode 48: Beware the Deceiver

"Loop Hero" devs Blinch and Finlal share the story of Four Quarters' origins and the genesis of the soon to be legendary "Loop Hero" devs Blinch and Finlal share the story of Four Quarters' origins and the genesis of the soon to be legendary "Loop Hero" devs Blinch and Finlal share the story of Four Quarters' origins and the genesis of the soon to be legendary "Loop Hero"...

Episode (Agent 47): Oliver (Age 24)

The miracle man behind the memes, Oliver Hindle of Mediatonic shares the story of his nonchalant genius as commander of the Fall Guys Twitter account and drops a couple surprises on Robbie and JM!

Episode 46: Jolly ol' Hollywood

Robbie and JM talk about videogames based on movies. Robbie completely fails to mention Home Alone.

Episode 45: Nothing in Particular

Bereft of ideas for a "topic," Robbie and JM just chill and chat for a while, takin' it eeeeeasy.

Episode 44: Skeleton Crew

In JM's absence, Robbie mans the ramparts and sets sail for adventure into the development of Olija, the passion project of swashbuckling solo developer Thomas Olsson.

Episode 43: The Graeme Adventures of JM and Robbie

Devolver Digital co-founding member, Chief Strategy and Synergy Compliance Officer, and notorious Scot: Graeme Struthers shares the history of his meteoric rise to power, as well as his top ten secret insider methods for dumping his responsibilities onto Kate.

Episode 42: Life, the Universe, and Fashion

Fashionistas supreme, JM and Robbie rattle off the videogame characters that they consider to be the best dressed of all time.

Episode 41: Anywhere But Here

Robbie and JM share the games and digital moments which transport them best to another world.

Episode 40: Twenty-One Short Questions About Devolver

The year is 2021, and in honor of that incremental increase in chronological progression, Robbie has come up with a quiz of 21 questions for JM.

Episode 39: Hindsight 2020

In that awkward week between Christmas and New Years, JM and Robbie don't know what to say, but keep talking anyway.

Episode 38: What Can You Get Robbie for Christmas (When He Already Owns a Comb)?

Robbie and JM compare notes on which games most inspire them with the spirit of the holidays. Be ready to turn down the volume for a brief portion of JM's first choice, it gets a little loud.

Episode 37: Games You Can Touch

Smitty, Co-Founder of Special Reserve Games, joins the ForkCast to share his experiences and excitements from the world of creating collectible physical editions of everyone's favorite videogames.

Episode 36: Best Use of Theme

To celebrate the announcement that Boomerang X is an official Devolver title, Robbie invites the entire team from DANG! onto the Forkcast to talk about their journey and their game. Cacophony ensues.

Episode 35: Update from ProductionLand

Devolver Digital Producer and inventor of the Tamagotchi Haircut, Andrew Parsons, slides onto the ForkCast to share his infinite wisdom and bring a modicum of structure to Robbie and JM's slapdash little show.

Episode 34: BunnyLord for President

Roll7 co-founder and BAFTA darling John Ribbins kickflips onto the Forkcast to talk about Olli Olli, Not a Hero, and more.

Episode 33: Best of the Worst

In the longest ForkCast yet, JM and Robbie gush over their favorite video game villains, and one villain too wretched to be admired.

Episode 32: Holding Out

Unafraid to tackle hard-hitting topics, JM and Robbie compare lists of their favorite video game heroes.

Episode 31: All Art is Propaganda

Unqualified, to say the least, JM and Robbie pontificate over the inescapable truth that politics permeate video games, whether overtly in the foreground, or insidiously lurking in the most basic elements of structure and setting.

Episode 30: Mysterious and Spoopy

With JM absent, Robbie performs a séance to summon the real Mr. Meatless, a snarky floating skull from the great beyond, so that they can compare lists on which horror games they like best.

Episode 29: Not Mr. Meatless

Devolver's own Jared "Candle Toast" Stults lures Robbie & JM deep into the murky world of video game age ratings, indie filmmaking and anti-social eating on late night Twitch streams.

Episode 28: The Defamation of Robbie

Indigo Pearl's head of PR, Anita Wong, dishes on Robbie's history of drunkenness, what it's like to represent actual major videogames, and introduces JM to BTS.

Episode 27: Δ(POV)/t

Responding to a question from Discord, Robbie and JM discuss how the video game industry has changed since they became a part of it, how they think it might change in the future, and seem to both forget that Han Solo was an Imperial officer before he defected and became a smuggler.

Episode 26: The Ad Man Cometh

With JM preoccupied this week, Robbie takes advantage with an audio adventure into the land of video game advertising, featuring his thoughts on the lost art of deeply inappropriate TV commercials.

Episode 25: Like Unto Dolly

Devolver's Director of Special Operations, Kate Ludlow, joins the Forkcast to share stories of dimly lit bars, blightly lit booths, and a list of which conventions show-floors smell the worst of all.

Episode 24: Number Two Fan

SeriouslyClara drops in on the Forkcast to discuss her role in influencer relations at Sandbox Strategies, and shares her moving love and deep-seated fear for something everyone does.

Episode 23: High Scores

While recording a podcast, JM and Robbie run down the list of some of their absolute favorite videogame soundtracks of all time, and quickly realize that there are far too many to choose from.

Episode 22: Implausible Undeniability

PR guru and notorious kidnapper Stephanie Tinsley joins the forkcast to discuss her rise to power, share the secrets of her success, and fire her favorite employee just for fun.

Episode 21: So it's come to this...

While recording a podcast, Robbie and JM reflect on other times that they recorded podcasts.

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